How To Prepare For Your New Role As A Manager

For today’s women leaders, preparing for a new role as a manager is more than just taking the time to learn your new responsibilities and connect with your team. As women in leadership roles, we all understand the importance of maintaining balance, breaking barriers, and achieving professional goals within our field of expertise.

At 3 Pillars of Leadership, we are here to help you take on your new leadership role flawlessly and exceptionally with our online leadership courses. In addition to enrolling in our leadership programs designed exclusively for women, here are our top tips on how to prepare for your new leadership role as a manager:

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Lead By Example

As a manager, it’s important to lead by example. Show your team that you’re committed to your work by putting in the extra effort. This will inspire them to do the same.


Develop Your Own Management Style

Don't try to mimic the management style of others, or the management style you think is "correct." Instead, develop your own management style that works for you and your team.


Be a Solution Seeker

When problems arise, don't dwell on them or get bogged down. Instead, focus on finding solutions. This will show your team that you're a leader who is capable of handling difficult situations.


Build a Support Network of Other Female Managers

It’s not always easy being a woman in a leadership role. It can be helpful to connect with other female managers, either in person or online. This way, you can share tips, advice, and support with each other.

Before you take on the responsibility of managing a team, it’s important to prepare yourself by learning as much as you can beforehand. At 3 Pillars of Leadership, our online leadership provides insight into successful effective management techniques, helping you hit the ground (confidently) running in your new role. Check out our innovative leadership solutions and reach out to our team today to learn more!

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