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Dr. Debb is a master of her craft. No matter what you're going through, she is there with you to guide the way. She is adept at enabling successful women because she is one herself and knows first-hand what it takes to be a business leader.

​What truly differentiates a coach is the ability to deeply understand someone and suggest solutions tailored to their personal "operating system": their values, motivations, and thought processes.

Dr. Debb does it all and more - with humor, confidence, and optimism.

-Josephine M.

"Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your workshop. It was extremely informative and I truly see how many can benefit from your experience. You are excellent at what you do and your insight is fantastic.”

-Jessica L.

"Debb is calm, focused and professional. She is able to listen to your ideas, concerns and help you formulate and streamline what it is you want to focus on. She has great skill in getting you to identify your goals. Very personable and is able to work with staff on all levels. I highly recommend Debb as a leadership coach."

-Elizabeth J.

"Debb has a very strong ability to hone in on something that has been eluding your own recognition and understanding. She also has a great ability to facilitate understanding between colleagues and shift outlooks in a positive way to move everyone forward. I highly recommend working with Debb!”

-Darla S.

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